Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Jew explains why Allah is The One and Only God -


A Jew explains why Allah is the One and Only God

A must see! The legendary video in which a Jew rebuffs the claim of evangelicals, newly edited and now in annotations!

Even Jesus said Allah. According to an Aramaic dictionary,

the word for God in Aramaic (The language which Jesus spoke) is "Aalah", which is the exact same thing as the Arabic "Allah" since in English there are many ways to spell a foreign word (Example you can spell the Muhammad's name in 27 ways, including Muhammad and Mohamed). Just visit the link and type "God" if you don't believe me, then scroll down to "Pronunciation"

So Christians, if your God Jesus said "Allah", it means the Muslims are using the correct word for the creator!

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  1. I believed that Jesus and God the Father is one! Now if God and Allah is the same then the name of Allah is JESUS!