Monday, May 17, 2010

Respect and Esteem Your Parents!

Watch The Video!! It will make you cry - especially if they are all gone now! If they are alive, you have the time to ammend and make up ,,, Allah SWT Be With You - Amin...

The son was getting annoyed because his father asked him a few times what is that? A Sparrow. The Father showed the son his diary entry when the excited son as very young had asked the same question to him The Father many times more before.

The son feels bad and kisses his Father on the head - with the Holy Quraan verse on How To Esteem and Respect parents (they do not deserve to be shouted at etc.. but talk to them calmly and cooly ... because worldly saying one day you too will be old ... and your son may do the same to you ---- because what goes around; comes around!!!

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